Special Occasions

Canapes for Drinks Parties

Savoury Canapes

  • Cherry tomato, feta & basil skewers
  • Crostini with artichokes, chilli & lemon juice
  • Olives wrapped in marinated anchovies
  • Crostini with crushed tomatoes, garlic & parma ham
  • Manchego & quince paste on olive bread
  • Smoked salmon & horseradish cremefraiche
  • Green beans wrapped in Serrano ham
  • Mozzarella & olive crostini
  • Chorizo & prawn skewers
  • Salt crushed mini roast potatoes with beef & horseradish
  • Thai pork cakes and mango chutney
  • Chicken & mushroom roulade
  • Prawns and lemon mayonnaise in a lettuce cup
  • Smoked salmon pate on oat cakes
  • Mini filo parcels stuffed with goat’s cheese and fig & honey chutney
  • Sweetcorn cakes with avocado salsa

Sweet Canapes

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Blue cheese & sweet fig skewers
  • Mini sloe gin jellies
  • Miniature chocolate brownies
  • Giant chocolate buttons
  • Gourmet marshmallow kebabs
  • Homemade crème brulee

1-30 of one variety £3.75 each (plus VAT). More than 30 of one variety £3.00 each (plus VAT)

We would recommend 6-8 canapes per person for a drinks party

Celebration Buffet


Choose from the selection from the canapes list

Homemade Platters

Rare roast beef with grain mustard & garlic soured cream served on a bed of rocket

Smoked salmon, shredded cucumber and horseradish crème fraiche served on a bed of bruschetta

Mozzarella with Serrano ham, seasonal fruit and maple dressing served on a bed of rocket

Homemade Savouries

Spinach, tomato & goat’s cheese pie

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable tortilla


Chocolate brownies

Blackcurrant & frangipane tart

Cheeseboard & fruit

£45.00/person (plus VAT)

If you would like to mix and match, miss things out or add things in – we’re really happy to do that. We also make, quiche, Morroccan beef parcels, pork pies, mini sandwiches, salmon en croute…….. and lots more. Just pop in for a chat and we’ll put something together for you.

Bring A Dish

Our lovely chefs are really very very clever. If you’re doing a dinner party and need a hand- just bring us your favourite dish, casserole or platter, tell us what you’d like and we’ll make it up for you. Or you could choose from our regular recipes, such as beef and ale pie, coq au vin, lasagne, fish bake, frangipane tart, bread and butter pudding, creme brulee…. and many many more. And we’re the soul of discretion- we won’t tell if you don’t!