Business Lunches

We have 4 options listed here – but please feel free to mix & match – we’re always happy to make up an order to your exact requirements. Free delivery available on orders over £50.00 within Leeds

Download our business lunches information sheet

(We can also do breakfast meetings. We have croissants, pains au chocolate, bagels, fruit, yoghurt & our famous bacon sandwiches. Give us a call and let us know what you’d like!)


Fresh homemade sandwich selection

Handcooked crisps

£6.00/person (plus VAT)


Fresh homemade sandwich selection

Selection of homemade savouries

Homemade cake

£7.95/person (plus VAT)


Fresh homemade sandwich selection

Selection of homemade savouries

Handcooked crisps

Seasonal fruit platter

Homemade cake

£9.45/person (plus VAT)


Fresh homemade sandwich selection

Selection of homemade savouries

Seasonal homemade salads

Homemade cake

Cheeseboard with crackers and Yorkshire chutney

£11.95/person (plus VAT)

Our sandwiches

Our sandwiches are handmade in house every morning using white and multiseed baguettes fresh from our oven. We usually send out platters of meat and fish sandwiches and separate platters of vegetarian sandwiches. Depending on the number of guests, your selection will include:

  • Rare roast beef, watercress, dijon mustard
  • York ham, onion marmalade, salad
  • Chicken, bacon, salad, mayonnaise
  • Farmhouse cheese, sweet tomato & chilli relish
  • Hummous, fresh red pepper, black olives, salad
  • Pastrami, cream cheese, dill pickle
  • Home made egg mayonnaise, watercress
  • Tuna mayonnaise, capers, salad
  • Smoked salmon, cucumber, horseradish crème fraiche
  • Brie, redcurrant jelly
  • Mozzarella, basil, pine nuts, tomato
  • Prawn, lime mayonnaise, salad

Our salads

We make different salads throughout the year, and unless you request something specific, we’ll send you whatever our chefs are making that day. Here are a few examples of the kinds of things we do, but give us a call to see what we’re making at the moment:

  • Green bean, mangetout, sugarsnap, hazelnut & orange salad
  • Couscous, broad bean, pea & pancetta salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Baby roast potatoes with garlic, rosemary & sea salt
  • Chick peas with chilli, lime, tamarind & coriander
  • Grilled onion, pepper & lentil salad
  • White bean, chorizo & parsley salad
  • Green leaf salad

Our Cheeseboards

We stock an extensive range of local and continental cheeses. If there is a particular cheese you would like – please ask- otherwise, we’ll just send you a selection of whatever beautiful cheeses we have in stock, together with some handmade Yorkshire chutney.

Our Savouries

Our in house chefs make a selection of our popular savouries each day. Unless you request something specific, we’ll send a selection of whatever we’re making that day, which might include:

  • Homemade quiche- lots of varieties including Cheddar Gorge & onion marmalade, feta & tomato quiche, broccoli & blue cheese, York ham & camembert, smoked salmon & watercress- and lots more…..
  • Yorkshire pork pies
  • Handmade beetroot & Cheshire cheese pie
  • Homemade sausage rolls
  • Homemade Moroccan beef parcels
  • Homemade tortilla- lots of varieties including roasted Mediterranean vegetable, mushroom & manchego, butternut squash, spinach & feta
  • Handmade cheese, white onion & nutmeg pie
  • Pepper stuffed with quinoa, goat’s cheese, olives & sunblush tomatoes
  • Homemade pea, mozzarella and lemon tart
  • Homemade chicken and chorizo pockets
  • Homemade mushroom & parmesan risotto croquettes

Our Cake

All of our cakes are handmade in our kitchen at the deli- and, though we say it ourselves, they are just really, really good!! We usually send two different varieties including delicious homemade chocolate brownie, and one other, which may be lemon drizzle cake, coconut & lime cake, toffee and banana cake, carrot cake, pear and maple syrup cake, chai cake…. and more!

Our Labelling

We think that people like to know what they’re eating, so every item on your lunch has it’s own label. The label also states if a product is dairy free, gluten free etc, and lists any notifiable food allergens. We just think that helps