Yorkshire Cheese Selection Box – Serves 6


A fabulous selection of cheeses from God’s Own County. 600g of delicious cheese in total, including:

  • Harrogate Blue– From family run Shepherd’s Purse near Thirsk. Harrogate Blue is matured for a minimum of 10 weeks to give the cheeses the time to develop the depth of flavour and creaminess. The result is a soft, luxuriously creamy, blue-veined cheese, delivering a mellow blue flavour with a hint of pepper to finish. (Pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Special Reserve Wensleydale– made at the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, using milk from local family run farms. This cheese is ripened for a minimum of nine months, to give a fuller, deeper flavour, whilst it retains it’s crumbly, moist nature, typical of Traditional Wensleydale Cheese. (Pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Fountain’s Gold– Made from the milk of Jersey and Guernsey cows and it’s unbelievably creamy. If anyone remembers gold top milk, this is the cheese equivalent! It has a warm golden colour, with a beautifully rich, buttery & nutty flavour. A smooth, elegant, understated, Yorkshire mature cheddar which melts on the tongue. Named after the famous abbey, this luxurious cheese, handcrafted in Hawes. (Pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Flat Capper– Rich creamy Yorkshire brie from Cryer & Stott in Allerton Bywater (Pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Coverdale– Now made in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, this lovely old recipe has recently been revived with a natural rind. It was saved from extinction in the autumn of 2020, when the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes decided to stop production. Cryer and Stott, cheesemaker and wholesaler based in Allerton Bywater, entered into a joint venture with The Home Farmer in Leyburn to pick up the production and save this lovely old recipe, which has been made in Yorkshire for more than a century. It’s smoother & sharper than Wensleydale cheese. An exceptionally creamy cheese with a bit more bite (Unpasteurised cow’s milk)