Classic Christmas Cheese Selection Box – Serves 6


Our must – have selection of classic cheeses for the festive season. 600g of delicious cheese in total, including:

  • Colston Basset Stilton – the king of Stiltons!!  Colston Bassett is regarded as one of the best traditionally made naturally crusted Stiltons in the country. This cheese is mature, with good blueing and rich, deep, herbaceous flavours that linger on the palate and without the slightly metallic note that some Stiltons have (pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Brie de Meaux– the classic and original Brie made just outside Paris in the Ile-de-France. This is a raw, soft unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese covered with a bloomy rind and has a rich taste underlined by sweet and buttery flavours of mushrooms or truffles and almonds. (Unpasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Cheddar Gorge– the only cheddar still made in the village of Cheddar. It’s cave matured in Gough’s Cave in the heart of The Gorge, and matured for 11-12 months. The flavour is strong and complex with wonderfully rounded notes that explode in the mouth with a multitude of flavours – fruity with a savoury bite reminiscent of raw onions. Needless to say, this cheese has won a string of awards (Unpasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Special Reserve Wensleydale– made at the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, using milk from local family run farms. This cheese is ripened for a minimum of nine months, to give a fuller, deeper flavour, whilst it retains it’s crumbly, moist nature, typical of Traditional Wensleydale Cheese. (Pasteurised cow’s milk)
  • Ossau Irraty– From the French Basque Pyrenees, this cheese is made from the milk of the black-faced Manech sheep, to a recipe that has remained unchanged for over 150 years. The texture of Ossau Iraty is uniformly smooth, close and dense and yet remains supple. Aged for at least 90 days, the shape of each wheel can vary from region to region. With an ivory pâte, an aroma of toasted hazelnuts and a sweet, buttery flavour (Pasteurised sheep’s milk)