For a safe, and relaxed Christmas shopping experience this year, we’re introducing personal Christmas shopping slots from 4th November

From Monday to Thursday between 5pm and 7pm, throughout November and December, you can book a 20 minute slot and have the deli all to yourself! One of us will be here to help you browse, buy gifts, order hampers and place orders for pies, cheeses etc for delivery or collection nearer to Christmas

There’s a £5 fee to book the slot, which is fully refundable against your purchases on the night. Simply, click on your preferred slot below and we’ll look forward to seeing you on your chosen night!

Time slotPrice
Tuesday 1st December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 1st December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Tuesday 1st December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 2nd December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Thursday 3rd December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Monday 7th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Tuesday 8th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 9th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Thursday 10th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Monday 14th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Tuesday 15th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00
Wednesday 16th December (7.00pm - 7.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (5.00pm - 5.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (5.20pm - 5.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (5.40pm - 6.00pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (6.00pm - 6.20pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (6.20pm - 6.40pm)£5.00
Thursday 17th December (6.40pm - 7.00pm)£5.00