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  • Aged Manchego (100g)

    This remarkable sheep’s milk cheese is firm and dry, yet rich and creamy. This one is matured for 12 months giving it a beautiful texture and full flavour

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    Bath Blue (100g)

    Handmade at Park Farm near Bath, this organic blue veined cheese was the winner at The World Cheese Awards 2014

  • Black Bomber (100g)

    Powerful but mellow, it is slightly sweet with a hint of caramel and has a creamy texture that you don’t usually get with handmade cheddars.

  • Blue Monday (100g)

    Created by Alex James of Blur fame and named after the New Order hit. This is less dense than most blue cheeses and wonderfully creamy. Now produced at Shepherd’s Purse near Thirsk

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    Blue Wensleydale (100g)

    A delicately flavoured creamy blue cheese, handcrafted at The Wensleydale Creamery. Award-winning Wensleydale Blue has a mellow, yet full flavour.

  • Brie de Meaux (100g)

    A refined cheese with a balanced appearance and smell. Well ripened with a slight smell of mould, the flavour is rich, condensed and creamy.

  • Buffalo Mozzarella 125g

    Ingredients – Cow’s Milk Allergens – see bold font Unpasteurised Not suitable for Vegetarians

  • Camembert (100g)

    Traditional French camembert. Firm when young and soft and runny when ripened

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    Chaumes (100g)

    Chaumes is a soft cheese from Dordogne with a gold-yellow rind and creamy, solid consistency.

  • Cheddar Gorge (100g)

    A strong, complex flavour with wonderfully rounded notes that explode in the mouth with a multitude of flavours – fruity with a savoury bite reminiscent of raw onions.

    Made from unpasteurised milk, traditionally made on the farm in the village of Cheddar.This is the only cheddar still made in Cheddar

  • Chèvre Goat’s Log (100g)

    A full flavoured densely textured, French goats milk cheese with a bloomy rind. This is a deliciously creamy goat’s cheese that’s perfect as it is on the cheese board, but is also ideal for grilling. Pasteurised but unsuitable for vegetarians

  • Colston Basset Stilton (100g)

    The king of Stiltons!!  Colston Bassett is regarded as one of the best traditionally made naturally crusted Stiltons in the country. This cheese is mature, with good blueing and rich, deep, herbaceous flavours that linger on the palate and without the slightly metallic note that some Stiltons have.  

  • Cotherstone (100g)

    Handmade in Teesdale since the 17th century, this is a mild, creamy semi-hard cheese.

  • Coverdale (100g)

    Now made in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, this lovely old recipe has recently been revived with a natural rind. It was saved from extinction in the autumn of 2020, when the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes decided to stop production. Cryer and Stott, cheesemaker and wholesaler based in Allerton Bywater, entered into a joint venture with The Home Farmer in Leyburn to pick up the production and save this lovely old recipe, which has been made in Yorkshire for more than a century. It’s smoother & sharper than Wensleydale cheese. An exceptionally creamy cheese with a bit more bite


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    Dale End Cheddar (100g)

    This unpasteurised, organic cheddar, aged for 18-months, is made by Botton Camphill Community in East Yorkshire, which employs people with learning disabilities. A fabulous farmhouse cheddar with a tangy, full on-flavour.

  • Délice de Cremiere (100g)

    From the Bourgogne region of France this triple cream cheese made with raw milk is ripened for at least 5 weeks. A good alternative to Vignotte.

  • Feta (200g)

    Ingredients – Goat’s Milk Allergens – see bold font Pasteurised Suitable for Vegetarians

  • Fountain’s Gold (100g)

    An exceptionally creamy, cheddar type cheese made from Jersey and Guernsey milk. Remember gold top milk? This is the cheese equivalent! Made in Wensleydale.

  • Harrogate Blue (100g)

    Soft blue cheese handmade in small batches on Judy Bell’s farm near Thirsk. Winner of an armful of awards, this fabulous creamy blue cheese has a delicious peppery finish

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    Lincolnshire Poacher (100g)

    A creamy rich nutty artisan cheddar from Lincolnshire.

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    Montagnolo Affine (100g)

    Award winning, surface ripened triple cream cheese from Germany. Think brie crossed with Roquefort!!!               

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    Morbiere (100g)

    Traditionally made from morning milk and evening milk with a layer of ash between! Semi soft cows cheese with a nuts & fruit flavour

  • Munster (100g)

    First made by Irish monks who settled in the Munster valley, this cheese is soft & creamy and has a penetrating smell & a tangy taste


  • Northumberland Smoked (100g)

    This award winning cheese is slowly oak smoked to impart a full yet delicate flavour

  • Old Smokey (100g)

    Old Smokey is a strong and very creamy Scottish smoked cheese, with a hearty aroma, smooth texture and strong, rich, flavour.

  • Olde York (100g)

    A fresh ewe’s milk cheese with a fresh, crisp creamy taste. From Shepherd’s Purse near Thirsk

  • Ossau Iraty (100g)

    From the French Basque Pyrenees, this sheep’s milk cheese is made to a recipe that has remained unchanged for over 150 years. Sweet and buttery with notes of toasted hazelnuts.

  • Parmesan Reggiano (100g)

    A hard, dry cheese made from skimmed or partially skimmed cow’s milk. It has a hard pale-golden rind and a straw-coloured interior with a rich, sharp flavour. Parmigiano-Reggianos are aged for at least two years. Their complex flavour and extremely granular texture are a result of the long aging.

  • Red Fox Vintage (100g)

    Handmade at Belton Farm in Shropshire, this red Leicester has a complex sweet and nutty flavour. It’s matured for 12 months to develop it’s distinctive “crunchy” texture.

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    Ribblesdale Goat’s Cheese (100g)

    A hard goat’s cheese with a mellow, rich flavour- not as overpowering as some goat’s cheeses. A beautiful Yorkshire cheese

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    Ricotta (250g)

    Ingredients – Cow’s Milk, Cream, Salt Allergens – see bold font Pasteurised Not suitable for Vegetarians

  • Saint Agur (100g)

    Blue double cream cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk in the Auvergne.

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    Smoked Wensleydale (100g)

    Light & crumbly. Finished by smoking over oak chippings.

  • St Antoine Comté (100g)

    This is a hard pressed cooked cheese from the Jura Mountain dairies. It’s matured for 10 – 14 months. And is best enjoyed with a full bodied red wine.

    The main aromatic flavours are a balance of brown-butter and roasted-nut with a sweet finish. Comté is made from unpasteurised milk and is set with animal rennet and therefore unsuitable for vegetarians.

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    Stinking Bishop (100g)

    The rind is washed in perry and smells of old socks!! The paste is soft and creamy and the flavour delicious.

  • Taleggio (100g)

    This is one of the oldest soft cheeses dating back to the 11th century. This cow’s milk cheese has a medium pungency and is matured for 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Vignotte (100g)

    Semi-soft French cheese, produced in Normandy, in the Champagne-Ardenne region. Made from pasteurised cow’s milk, it is set using traditional animal rennet and is therefore unsuitable for vegetarians. Extra cream is added during the production giving the cheese its distinctive powdery white skin and it’s intensely creamy, light, rich, buttery texture. It has a very light lemon back note and goes beautifully with fruit.

  • Welsh Harlech (100g)

    A strong and creamy Cheddar blended with horseradish and parsley from Abergavenny Fine Foods.  Beneath the bright orange wax lies a mature creamy cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish and parsley. It’s very tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat that really tingles on your tongue. Try it melted on a steak or in a cold roast beef sandwich with good fresh white bread.

  • Wensleydale Special Reserve (100g)

    Wensleydale cheese has a heritage that spans centuries, with its roots firmly set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.  Ripened for a minimum of nine months, to give a fuller, deeper flavour.  This superb cheese retains it’s crumbly, moist nature, typical of Traditional Wensleydale Cheese. Perfect served with fruit cake, Christmas cake or apple pie.

  • Wookey Hole Cheddar (100g)

    Matured for at least 12 months in the famous Wookey Hole caves in Somerset.  Lovely creamy artisan cheddar.

  • Yorkshire Blue (100g)

    A hand-crafted blue cheese, with a buttery texture and creamy taste. A rich, altogether softer and more delicate cheese than the Blue Stilton.

  • Yorkshire Cask (100g)

    From Yorkshire cheese monger Cryer and Stott in Allerton Bywater.  They use a local Leeds Brewery beer called Hellfire Pale Ale to make cheese which is also combined with wholegrain mustard. Leeds Brewery Hellfire Ale is made with American hops so has a real flavour to it, which compliments the cheese amazingly well! This is truly delicious melted onto toasted ciabatta.

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    Yorkshire Fine Fettle (150g)

    A gold medal winner at The British Cheese Awards (1996). Previously known as Yorkshire Feta. This glorious sheep’s milk cheese is made by Shepherds Purse near Thirsk

  • Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese(220g)

    Multi award winning Yorkshire Squeaky cheese. A traditional halloumi style cheese made by Razan’s team at Yorkshire Dama in Sowerby Bridge. It has a rich and creamy flavour and is perfect for melting

  • Air Dried Ham (100g)

    From Lishmans in Ilkey, this is a beautiful Yorkshire “Serrano” style ham. Cured from the back leg of a Yorkshire pig in a traditional York cure.
    Ideal for the charcuterie board or with runny cheese in a crispy baguette with pickles and chutney

  • Cooking chorizo (385g)

    Made in Rioja. Perfect in paellas, salads, pasta dishes, tapas or on the barbecue.  Super quick, only takes 8 minutes to cook.

  • Danish salami (100g)

    Traditional Danish salami, for filling sandwiches and topping pizzas

  • Ham (100g)

    Top quality, beautiful moist cooked ham. Please let us know in the notes if you’d like us to cut it thick, thin or medium!

  • Lishmans Pork and fennel salami (100g)

    Yorkshire outdoor reared pork, seasoned with fennel to produce an Italian style salami for your charcuterie board.

  • Lishmans Smoked pork salami (100g)

    Local, high welfare pork, simply seasoned and oak smoked to produce an artisan salami ideal for your charcuterie board or on your pizza. Also works perfectly in a sandwich with Brie and sliced pickles.

  • Milano salami (100g)

    Typical salami of Lombardy. Tasty, decisive flavour. Made of carefully selected, finely ground meat.

  • Pancetta (100g)

    Salt cured pork belly- perfect for adding to soups and stews to give depth of flavour

    Please specify in the notes if you would like thinly sliced for wrapping or thickly sliced for cubing

  • Pastrami (100g)

    A meat product of Romanian origin usually made from beef brisket, and sometimes from lamb, or turkey. The raw meat is brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed.

  • Prosciutto (100g)

    Traditional Italian dry cured ham.

  • Rare home roast Beef (100g)

    Top quality beef from Setchfield butchers over the road. We just show it the oven and slice it thinly

  • Yorkshire Nduja (100g)

    Handmade by Lishman’s in Yorkshire. Nduja is a soft spreadable salami which is seasoned with chilli and paprika making it fiery hot. Best dotted on pizzas, mixed with tomato and grilled on bread, added to pasta dishes or stews.