Please reserve a delivery slot before choosing from our menu.

Almond Croissant£1.40
Bakeri Baltzersen Almond Croissant (available for delivery on Saturdays & Sundays only)£3.00
Bakeri Baltzersen Cinnamon Bun (available for delivery on Saturdays & Sundays only)£2.20
Bakeri Baltzersen Cruffin (available for delivery on Saturdays & Sundays only)£3.65
Bakeri Baltzersen Demi Baguette (available for delivery on Saturday's only)£2.90
Bakeri Baltzersen Sourdough Loaf, 800g (only available from 9th-14th March)£4.85
Freshly baked Triple Grain Baguette£0.75
Freshly baked white demi-baguette£0.75
Handmade Cheese bread by Dumouchel£3.00
Handmade croissant by Dumouchel£1.10
Handmade pain au chocolat by Dumouchel£1.40
Handmade Walnut and raisin bread by Dumouchel£3.00
Leeds Bread Coop Malthouse Sourdough (not available from 9th-14th March incl)£4.90
Leeds Bread Coop Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia Slice (available for delivery on Saturdays only but not available on 13th March)£2.10
Leeds Bread Coop Vollkornbrot£4.20
Leeds Bread Coop White Sourdough (not available from 9th-14th March incl)£4.75
Organic Brown Bloomer (470g)£1.95
Seeded Battard by Dumouchel£3.00
Sliced white Farmhouse Sourdough£3.00
White Boule by Dumouchel£2.25
Chocolate & lime cake (GF)£2.60
Homemade chocolate brownie£2.45
Homemade flapjack£1.45
Lemon drizzle cake£2.45
Lottie Shaw's Seriously good chocolate tiffin£1.65
Sticky ginger and orange cake£2.45
White chocolate chip brownie - vegan and gluten free£2.50
Great North Pie Company Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie£4.75
Homemade Chicken & Chorizo Parcels£2.95
Homemade sausage rolls£1.45
Roasted Mediterranean vegetable tortilla£2.95
Slice of Cheddar Gorge and Onion Marmalade quiche£2.65
Spinach, tomato & Goat's cheese pie£2.95
Yorkshire pork pies£2.15
Celery, cabbage, grape and hazelnut slaw (100g)£1.85
Chickpea, chilli, lime & tamarind (100g)£1.85
Green bean, sugar snap, orange and hazelnut (100g)£2.00
Homemade coleslaw (100g)£0.99
Homemade hummus (100g)£0.99
Potatoes roasted with garlic & rosemary, balsamic dressing (100g)£1.20
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables (100g)£2.00
Sweet potato, chilli, lime and coriander (100g)£1.85
Tomato, red onion and basil with balsamic dressing (100g)£1.20
Aged Manchego (100g)£2.60
Bath Blue (100g)£4.00
Black Bomber (100g)£2.25
Black Crowdie (100g)£2.30
Blue Monday (100g)£3.50
Blue Wensleydale (100g)£2.35
Brie de Meaux (100g)£2.25
Buffalo Mozzarella 125g£2.00
Camembert (100g)£2.25
Chaumes (100g)£3.00
Cheddar Gorge (100g)£2.40
Chèvre Goat's Log (100g)£1.40
Colston Basset Stilton (100g)£2.60
Cornish Yarg (100g)£2.90
Cotherstone (100g)£2.30
Coverdale (100g)£2.85
Dale End Cheddar (100g)£3.70
Délice de Cremiere (100g)£2.75
Feta (200g)£3.20
Fountain's Gold (100g)£2.35
Harrogate Blue (100g)£2.85
Isle of Mull Cheddar (100g)£2.40
Lincolnshire Poacher (100g)£2.40
Montagnolo Affine (100g)£3.60
Morbiere (100g)£1.85
Munster (100g)£1.75
Northumberland Smoked (100g)£2.70
Old Smokey (100g)£2.35
Olde York (100g)£3.75
Ossau Iraty (100g)£2.50
Parmesan Reggiano (100g)£3.00
Red Fox Vintage (100g)£1.80
Ribblesdale Goat's Cheese (100g)£3.85
Ricotta (250g)£1.50
Saint Agur (100g)£2.70
Smoked Wensleydale (100g)£2.00
St Andre (100g)£2.50
St Antoine Comté (100g)£3.50
Stinking Bishop (100g)£4.65
Taleggio (100g)£1.65
Wensleydale Special Reserve (100g)£1.90
Wookey Hole Cheddar (100g)£2.60
Yorkshire Blue (100g)£2.75
Yorkshire Cask (100g)£2.30
Yorkshire Fine Fettle (100g)£4.25
Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese(220g)£5.00
Crème fraîche (200g)£1.25
Double cream (250ml)£1.40
Large full fat plain yoghurt (450g)£1.30
Longley Farm Cottage Cheese 250g£1.50
Longley Farm Full Fat Cream Cheese 200g£1.50
Single cream (250ml)£1.30
Small fruit yoghurt (150g)£0.60
Soured cream (150ml)£0.85
Ian Taylor Yorkshire Free Range Eggs (Pack of Six)£1.60
Full fat milk (2 litres)£1.75
Salted butter (250g)£2.50
Semi skimmed milk (2 litres)£1.75
Air Dried Ham (100g)£5.30
Cooking chorizo (385g)£5.00
Danish salami (100g)£1.75
Ham (100g)£3.00
Lishmans Pork and fennel salami (100g)£4.50
Lishmans Smoked pork salami (100g)£4.50
Milano salami (100g)£2.50
Pancetta (100g)£2.50
Pastrami (100g)£3.00
Peppered salami (100g)£1.75
Prosciutto (100g)£3.50
Rare home roast Beef (100g)£3.50
Yorkshire Nduja (100g)£3.50
Balsamic onions (100g)£2.50
Grilled artichoke hearts (100g)£3.00
Homemade tapenade (100g)£2.50
Marinated anchovies (100g)£2.60
Sunblush tomatoes (100g)£1.95
Chicken Liver - Brandy & Herbs (100g)£3.00
Chicken Liver - Cointreau & Orange (100g)£3.00
Chicken Liver - Mushroom & Garlic (100g)£3.00
Chicken Liver - Port & Hazlenut (100g)£3.00
Chicken Liver - Tequila & Cranberry (100g)£3.00
Duck Liver - Apricots & Brandy (100g)£3.70
Red Lentil with Sun-Dried Tomato (100g)£3.00
Smoked Salmon Mousse (100g)£4.25
Venison Liver with Chilli - Welsh Dragon (100g)£3.70
Chicken, bacon and salad with mayonnaise£4.25
Farmhouse cheese, Yorkshire sweet tomato and chilli relish£3.75
Goat's cheese, Yorkshire honey and fig chutney with mixed leaf£4.25
Homemade egg mayonnaise and watercress£3.55
Pastrami, Old Smokey cheese and mustard mayonnaise£4.55
Prawn, Yorkshire tomato, chilli relish, fresh coriander and salad£4.25
Rare roast beef, watercress with Dijon mustard£3.75
Smoked salmon and cucumber with horseradish creme fraiche£4.25
Tuna mayonnaise with capers and salad£3.75
York ham with onion marmalade and salad£4.25
Yorkshire blue cheese, walnuts, apple and raisin chutney£4.55
Homemade hummus, red pepper with black olives and salad£3.75
Prosciutto, Parmesan shavings, balsamic and mixed leaves£4.25
Yorkshire smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and black pepper£4.25
Lapsnack chilli puffs£3.00
Lapsnack habas fritas£3.00
Lapsnack habas picante£3.00
Lapsnack sesame peanuts£3.00
Lightly Salted Brown Bag Crisps (150g)£2.85
Lightly Salted Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
Mr Trotters Pork Crackling (40g)£1.80
Oak Smoked Chilli Brown Bag Crisps (150g)£2.85
Oak Smoked Chilli Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
Olives et Al Chilli Harissa Almonds£5.00
Olives et Al Classic Chilli & Garlic Olives (250g)£5.00
Olives et Al Extra Special Pitted Greek Green Olives with Herbs£5.00
Olives et Al Greek Kalamata Pitted Olives ((250g)£5.00
Olives et Al Sunshine Rosemary & Garlic Olives (250g)£5.00
Olives et Al Very Deli Herbed & Pitted Olives (250g)£5.00
Olives et Al Very Garlic Stuffed Olives (250g)£5.00
Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Brown Bag Crisps (150g)£2.85
Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
Smoked Bacon Brown Bag Crisps (150g)£2.85
Smoked Bacon Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
Tiger Prawn with Chilli & Lime Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion Brown Bag Crisps (150g)£2.85
West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion Brown Bag Crisps (40g)£0.95
Zaramama's - Golden Butter Pop-A-Cob (Microwave popcorn)£2.80
Elizabeth Botham ginger biscuits£1.75
Elizabeth Botham tea biscuits£1.75
Kent & Fraser lemon butter shortbread (GF)£3.25
Kent & Fraser choc chip cookies (GF)£3.25
Lottie Shaw's Mother's Day Treat Tin£12.95
Lottie Shaw's oatmeal and raisin cookies£3.00
Lottie Shaw's parkin biscuits with chocolate chunks£3.00
Lottie Shaw's Seriously Good Shortbread Biscuits£3.50
Lottie Shaw's Seriously Good Yorkshire Parkin (420g)£3.75
Lottie Shaw's Seriously Good Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits£3.50
Teonis chocolate dipped cookies (400g)£7.50
Wright & Co’s Brandy Snaps£3.30
Art of Mallow Chocolate Chip Gourmet Marshmallows (70g)£4.25
Art of Mallow Raspberry Gourmet Marshmallows (70g)£4.25
Bon Bon's Chocolate Dipped Cinder Toffee£5.20
Bon Bon's Cinder Toffee£4.50
Bon Bon's Retro sweet selection£5.20
Cartwright & Butler Classic Toffee£6.25
Cartwright & Butler Lemon & Tangerine Boiled Sweets (190g)£2.75
Cartwright & Butler Soft Fruit Jellies (190g)£2.75
Laura's Confectionery Luxury Butter Fudge (120g)£6.00
Laura's Confectionery Salted Caramel Fudge (120g)£6.00
Bon Bon's Choccy Egg Bar, 50g£2.00
Bon Bon's Florence Flower Pot Figure, 70g£5.95
Bon Bon's Henrietta Hen with Mini Eggs, 135g£7.75
Bon Bon's Honey Bunny Lolly, 50g£2.00
Bon Bon's Rose & Violet Creams, 155g£10.00
Guppy's Chocolate Lolly£2.65
Guppy's Chocolate Truffle Selection (75g)£6.00
Guppy's Milk Chocolate Bunny, 120g£4.75
Guppy's Milk Chocolate Raspberry Shards£4.25
Guppy's Mint Dark Chocolate Shards£4.25
Guppy's Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Shards£4.25
Guppy's Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Shards£4.25
Guppy's Speckled Chocolate Eggs, 150g£3.95
Kacao 67% Madagascar with Lime and Sea Salt Bar, 100g£4.50
Kacao Dark Chocolate Buttons, 100g£5.00
Kacao Easter Chocolate Lollipops 100g bag (5 x Lollipops)£5.00
Kacao Eton Mess Mini Easter Eggs, 150g£5.00
Kacao handmade mini chocolate bar selection (gold)£5.40
Kacao Hazelnut Crunch Mini Easter Eggs, 150g£5.00
Kacao Milk Chocolate Buttons, 100g£5.00
Kacao Sweet & Salty Peanut Pretzel Bar, 100g£4.50
Kacao White Chocolate Buttons, 100g£5.00
Kakao handmade mini chocolate bar selection (green)£5.40
Lauden Salted Caramel Chocolates£11.00
Milk Chocolate Almonds (150g)£6.90
The Lauden Collection (20 mixed handmade chocolates)£20.00
Tiramisu Chocolate Almonds (150g)£6.90
Blue Dragon Soy Sauce£2.85
Denholme Gate Raw Yorkshire Summer Honey 340g£7.20
Fine Cheese Company Fruits for Cheese - Quince£5.00
Fine Cheese Company Fruits for Cheese- Lime & Chilli£5.00
Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce£2.70
Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup£2.70
Henderson's Relish£2.30
Lauden Luxury Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread, 160g£6.00
Makers and Merchants Habanero Chilli Sauce£4.65
Olives et Al Harissa Paste£5.00
Olives et Al Preserved Lemons£8.60
Olives et Al Proper Pesto alla Genovese£5.50
Olives et Al Sun Dried Tomato Pesto£4.30
Opies Cocktail Gherkins£2.20
Opies Pickled Walnuts£5.00
Proper Nutty Slightly Salted Peanut Butter£3.75
Pure Canadian Maple Syrup Amber & Rich (180ml)£5.60
Raydale Apple and Raisin Chutney£3.25
Raydale Apricot Jam£3.25
Raydale Aunt Lena's Piccalilli£3.25
Raydale Blackcurrant and Lavender Jam£3.25
Raydale Blueberry Jam£3.25
Raydale Breakfast Marmalade£3.25
Raydale Elijah's Yorkshire Chutney£3.25
Raydale Fig and Honey Chutney£3.25
Raydale Hellish Relish£3.25
Raydale Raspberry Jam£3.25
Raydale Spicy Mango Chutney£3.25
Raydale Strawberry Jam£3.25
Raydale Tomato and Chilli Relish£3.25
Raydale Wensleydale Lovers' Caramelised Carrot Chutney£3.25
Roundhay Honey£7.50
Stokes Brown Sauce£3.85
Stokes Ketchup£3.85
Tracklements Cranberry and Orange Sauce with Port£3.25
Tracklements Dill Mustard Sauce (140g)£2.50
Tracklements Horseradish Cream£2.65
Tracklements Original Onion Marmalade£3.95
Tracklements Rich Redcurrant Jelly£3.85
Tracklements Smooth Dijon Mustard£2.20
Tracklements Strong English Mustard£2.20
Tracklements Tartare Sauce£3.15
Tracklements Wholegrain Mustard£2.20
Carnaroli Risotto Rice Organic Seggiano (500g)£4.50
Hand Bagged Plain Flour (1.0kg)£1.25
Hand Bagged Self Raising Flour (1.0kg)£1.25
Hand Bagged Strong White Bread Flour 1kg£1.25
La Chinata Hot Smoked Paprika£3.35
La Chinata Sweet Smoked Paprika£3.35
Linguine De Cecco (500g)£2.40
Mutti Chopped Tomatoes (400g)£1.55
Mutti Whole Tomatoes (400g)£1.55
Opies Capers£2.00
Opies Green Peppercorns in Brine£2.30
Opies Pink Peppercorns in Brine£2.30
Rustichella Lasagne (250g)£4.95
Rustichella Orzo (500g)£3.75
Rustichella Penne Rigate (500g)£4.50
Rustichella Spaghetti (500g)£3.95
Rustichella Trofie (250g)£4.95
Wooden Spoon Stem Ginger (320g)£6.60
Yockenthwaite Farm Just Ginger Granola (475g)£5.65
Yockenthwaite Farm Nutty Spelt Granola (475g)£5.95
Afternoon Darjeeling (20 tea bags)£3.75
Apple and Cinnamon (20 tea bags)£3.75
Blackberry and Raspberry (20 tea bags)£3.75
Classic Chai (20 tea bags)£3.75
Decaffeinated Breakfast (20 tea bags)£3.75
Earl Grey (20 tea bags)£3.75
English Breakfast (20 tea bags)£3.75
Organic Chamomile (20 tea bags)£3.75
Organic Peppermint (20 tea bags)£3.75
Pure Green (20 tea bags)£3.75
Aspall Classic White Wine Vinegar (350ml)£2.00
De Pedro Ximinez sherry vinegar£6.50
Honest Toil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Swing Stopper Bottle (500ml)£9.90
Odysea Aged Balsamic Vinegar£4.00
Odysea White Wine Vinegar (250ml)£2.15
Olives et Al Extra Virgin Olive Oil£11.50
Olives et Al Mojo Pink Grapefruit salad dressing£5.00
Olives et Al Proper Mustard & Herb Salad Dressing£5.00
Olives et Al Punchy Beetroot & Thyme Salad Dressing£5.00
Olives et Al Spicy Chilli & Ginger Salad Dressing£5.00
Womersley Golden Raspberry and Chilli Vinegar£5.85
Womersley Lemon, Basil, Bay and Juniper Vinegar£5.85
Womersley Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar£5.85
Womersley Raspberry Vinegar£5.85
Womersley Strawberry and Mint Vinegar£5.85
Cartwright & Butler Olive & Garlic Flatbreads£2.95
Fine English Bath Squares£3.15
Fine English Heritage Wheat Rounds£3.20
Fine English Oatcakes£2.70
Fine English Water Crackers£2.25
Miller's Elements Ale Crackers£2.50
Miller's Elements Earth (Beetroot) Crackers£2.50
Mør Hjerte Bakeri Rye & Buttermilk Snap Crackers£3.00
Mør Hjerte Bakeri Wholemeal Spelt & Sourdough Crackers£3.00
The Fine Cheese Company Chilli crackers£3.00
The Fine Cheese Company Gluten Free Olive Oil Crackers£3.60
The Fine Cheese Company Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers£3.00
The Fine Cheese Company Toast for Cheese (Apricot, Pistachio & Sunflower Seeds)£3.95
The Fine Cheese Company Toast for Cheese (Cherry, Almond and Linseed)£3.95
The Fine Cheese Company Toast for Cheese (Dates, Hazelnuts and Pumpkin seeds)£3.95
Against the Grain Wold Top bitter (500ml)£2.80
Aldridge Estate Ram's Head Shiraz Cabernet (75cl)£7.50
Ampleforth Abbey Beer (330ml)£3.50
Ampleforth Abbey Cider (500ml)£4.00
Ampleforth Abbey Cider (750ml)£7.75
Belvoir Cordials (500ml) - Blueberry & Blackcurrant£4.50
Belvoir Cordials (500ml) - Elderflower£4.50
Belvoir Cordials (500ml) - Lime & Lemongrass£4.50
Breckland Posh Pop (275ml) - Ginger Beer & Chilli£2.00
Breckland Posh Pop (275ml) - Pear & Elderflower£2.00
Breckland Posh Pop (275ml) - Plum & Cherry£2.00
Breckland Posh Pop (275ml) - Strawberry & Rhubarb£2.00
Coke (330ml)£1.25
Diet coke (330ml)£1.25
Fauno Rose (75cl)£9.00
Fentimans (275ml) - Curiosity Cola£1.85
Fentimans (275ml) - Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger£1.85
Fentimans (275ml) - Victorian Lemonade£1.85
Folkington Juices (250ml) - Cloudy Apple£1.55
Folkington Juices (250ml) - Mango Juice£1.55
Folkington Juices (250ml) - Orange Juice£1.55
Harrogate Spa Sparkling water (330ml)£1.25
Harrogate Spa Still water (330ml)£1.25
Northern Monk - Eternal IPA (330ml)£2.60
Northern Monk - Faith Ale (440ml)£3.85
Northern Monk - New World IPA (330ml)£3.20
Northern Monk - Striding Edge IPA (440ml)£2.90
Prosecco La Dolci Colline (75cl)£10.50
Sileni Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc (75cl)£9.99
Sloemotion Hedgerow Gin (70cl)£45.00
Sloemotion No 7 Alcoholic Fruit Cup 50cl£12.50
Sloemotion Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin (70cl)£45.00
Sloemotion Sloe gin (35cl)£21.50
Sloemotion Sloe Ruby (35cl)£21.50
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup (250g)£12.00
Vegan Hazelnut & Rose (500ml)£5.50
Vegan Peanut Chip (500ml)£5.50
Vegan Salted Caramel & Almond Swirl (500ml)£5.50
Vegan Chocolate & Orange Blossom( 500ml)£5.50
Black Treacle (100ml) Buy one, get one free. Put one in your basket and we'll send you two!£1.85
Chocolate & Sea Salt (100ml)£1.85
Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla (100ml)£1.85
Strawberry & Black Pepper (100ml)£1.85